Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What Good Writing Says about Your Business

One of the biggest ways people learn about your company, product or service is by reading about it. It would be wonderful to regularly meet potential customers face-to-face, and have the opportunity to give them the long version about the features and benefits of what you offer. Unfortunately there isn't enough time in a day to make those types of meetings cost effective- it's important to reach the masses and get your name out there.

Thanks to the Internet the written word can be available globally for all to see, at any time. Those words can be impactful, and not always in a positive way. It is necessary to hone your writing skills, or hire someone to write for you. The first impression you leave with consumers may be a lasting one, so put your best foot (or hand) forward and become an intelligent voice for your business.

Let's review a few important things to take note of when writing for your company:

  • Communicate Effectively: Keep your writing straight forward; remove extra unnecessary fluff words to maintain credibility. Try to avoid filling in the gaps with information that isn't pertinent to your company or business. Be sure to use powerful and appropriate terminology, just make sure the words aren't made-up or sound gimmicky. It's also important to write properly when communicating internally, in email for example, and with marketing brochures and advertisements.
  • Check and Re-Check: It is absolutely necessary to check your writing for proper grammar and use of words. Regardless of your level of knowledge, improper grammar will cause your message to be lost amongst the errors. Typically it's simple misuse or misspellings that could easily be caught with a quick search tool before posting your communication. Some fairly common mistakes include using "your" instead of "you're", "there" instead of "their" (or vise versa!), and using apostrophes incorrectly. Take the time to review or learn writing basics, and always ask someone to proofread your work; a fresh set of eyes can be extremely beneficial. Proofread emails to make sure you are getting the appropriate message across to the reader.
  • Be a Stand-Out: In the same manner bad writing can hurt your business, great writing can put you on top. People will appreciate your professionalism and recognize the attention to detail. Quality business writing will help consumers view you and your company as industry leaders and come to you to meet their needs. Having well written hand-outs and marketing slogans will bring your company to mind and ultimately result in more sales revenue.
In the event you decide to hire an individual or service to handle your writing duties, be sure to carefully research and review sample writings. The only thing worse than making mistakes is paying someone else to make them for you.

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