Monday, April 14, 2014

Write Product Descriptions that Sell

Behind every good product is a good salesperson – but if you’re selling online, your writer is your sales person.  To sell your products, it’s essential you have a well-written product description.  The description must do far more than simply describe your products – it needs to sell them too.  A professional writer can help you with this daunting task or you can go at it alone.  Here are some simple ways to persuade your web shoppers to take a better look at, and hopefully buy, your products.

Focus on your ideal buyer.
As you write a product description, make sure you do it with the mindset of who will be shopping for what you offer.  When you write for a large crowd of buyers, your description may end up too vague and you basically don’t address anyone.  The best descriptions address your ideal buyer directly and in a personal manner.  As you create a product description, pretend you are asking and answering questions in a conversational manner.  Choose the words your ideal buyer would use and go ahead and use the word “you.”  Also think about the humor your ideal buyer may appreciate.

Persuade with social media proof.
When your prospects aren’t sure which product to purchase, they look for suggestions.  Customers are often swayed to buy the product with the most positive reviews. If you’re trying to establish credibility as a new business or are one who’s been around for years, include a photo of a person any quote – it adds credibility and also makes your company appear more personal and approachable.  Most buyers like to purchasing items that they know are popular so mention or highlight your customer favorites.
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Avoid overused phrases.
When in a pinch, it’s easy to turn to fillers – words that every company uses when they aren’t sure what else to add to a product description. Professional writers can help come up with good descriptive words and may choose to describe each technical detail of the product and its benefit.  For instance, if you make shoes, an excellent description would share that the hand-sewn construction of the shoe provides additional comfort and durability.

Entice sellers with benefits.
As business owners sell their products, naturally they feel excited about the features each product offers.  However, potential buyers want to know what the product does for them specifically.  So instead of saying the soap you sell gets their hands clean, share that the soap has a holiday scent that adds festivity to the holiday season, therefore makes the time more enjoyable.  As you or your writer create a selling description, remember to focus on how the product makes your customers feel happier, healthier or more successful.  How can your products solve or ease your customers’ problems?

On your quest to write compelling product descriptions, make sure you share knowledge about your products.  Explain helpful details and tell stories.  Delight your customers with helpful and fun descriptions.  Your enthusiasm for your products is contagious, so the more excited you are, the more excited your customers will be.

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