Sunday, September 21, 2014

Marketing Ideas that Help Boost Your Profit

There’s more to marketing than just sending out a few mailers.  To best advertise your business, it’s essential you think outside of the box, come up with brilliant ideas and execute them.  These six ideas can help boost your profit and make your business one that people love.

Make it Simple for Buyers
Think of ways to make the gift-giving choice easy for customers. Offer additional suggestions by price and use social media to highlight inventory that appeals to your target audience.  Offer complimentary gift-wrapping (and promote it).  This is a huge time saver and convenience your customers will love.  Online stores can offer free shipping if a customers spends a specified dollar amount as an additional promotion.

Generate a Buzz
Create excitement around your business.  Use Facebook or other social media avenues to hold
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contests.  For instance, if it’s near a holiday such as Christmas, ask your fans to submit their funniest pictures of the family from a Christmas past.  By getting people involved and engaging your fans, your business will become one that people enjoy doing business with.

Target the right audience.
Think about what services and products you offer.  Who is your target audience? For instance, if you run a business for families, offer something simple like a free cookie or beverage for children when they visit your store.  Learn from the well-loved restaurant Chick Fil.  This tasty fast food restaurant now offers a cool service known as mom valet where moms can go though the drive through, order and pay for their meals.  Then mom’s can park their car and go into the restaurant where the staff at Chick Fil a have the food ready at table for the family.  Talk about customer service!

Offer discounts for those who serve our country.
People who have served, or are currently serving in the military deserve to be recognized.  And they should be. Think of a way to honor those people who are fighting for our freedom.  Honor them in the form of a discounted service or product, and include this in your marketing and promotions.

Get good press.
This one may seem like it’s out of your control. But it’s not!  There are steps you can take that make sure media notices your business.  A simple way is to help the community.  Volunteer at a local shelter or raise money or food for the local food bank.  Share pictures of your staff in action or the containers of food and non-perishable items you’re taking to those in need.

Promote your business through email.  Instead of direct mail marketing, try email marketing.  It’s more efficient, saves time, reduces marketing-related expenses and is better for the Earth. Not to mention, it’s more likely to convert to a sale.

Marketing your business can be a challenge.  Coming up with innovative ideas to spread the word of your company isn’t always easy.   Think about what makes you loyal to a business.  Make purchasing from you simple and convenient, and people will flock to your business time and again.

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