Monday, December 28, 2015

Questions to Ask a Writer or Writing Company Before Hiring

You have a business and need a writer, but aren’t sure where to begin?  As when hiring any employee, be sure to get all of the facts straight. Here are six questions to ask a writer before you hire:

How will you communicate and deliver completed assignments?

When you hire a writer, you will likely have a primarily virtual relationship.  Today, more writers work via email.  You may never work with the writer face to face throughout your relationship.  Make sure to find out which ways your writer will communicate and how you will receive completed work. Effective communication is key to company success.

What is your turnaround time?

Deadlines must be must – no matter what.  If writers don’t have assignments over in time, that isn’t a good
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thing.  Your projects deserve to be handled with care so make sure to hire a writer who can commit to meeting deadlines.

What is included in the quote?

Find out what quotes from your writer include.  Revisions, and if so, how many? Does the writer expect time for travel, if applicable? Does he or she charge for in-person meetings? These are all important things to know prior to hiring him.

What industries can you write about?

Usually freelancers can writer about a variety of topics.  It’s great to find out where your writer excels, and which areas he or she does not feel comfortable with.  A good freelancer identifies his or her weaknesses and sets limitations.  During an interview, request samples of the writers work to see if his or her claims hold true.

What are your freelance work hours?

Find out if your writer is a full-time writer or if he will be writing around several other commitments.  Depending on your needs, the answer to this question may be a deal-breaker.  If you have short deadlines or the need to reach your writer immediately, and he or she has a full time job, this writer may not be the best choice for you.  However, even writers with other commitments can still work out well.

Do you know how to optimize content for search engines?

In today’s world, experienced writers are proficient at optimizing blog content – and it’s considered part of the process of writing an assignment.  Make sure your writer knows how to optimize a title and blog content and write a compelling meta description that makes readers click.

Before you hire a writer, ask some key questions to help you get to know the writer a little better.  By doing so, you can hire someone who is hardworking and dependable and forge a long lasting relationship.

What questions do you ask a writer prior to hiring him or her?

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